jiu jitsu

Belt work

Pushup status: last test said 90. another ten to go! yay! Also, running is going well, I’m now doing walk 2, run 8, walk 2, run 7, walk 1 minute. Not a problem.

Last night we trained specifically towards graduation. We worked our way through almost all of jigo waza, and I’ve updated the page with all my techniques accordingly. Another session or two and I’ll have a full program. John, my uke in this endeavour, says for his brown belt test (1. kyu, ikkyu), he’ll probably be using the same program, so even after I’m done, it’s not a waste.

The idea is that I’m filling more techniques into the program than I need, since kyoshi often lets candidates go on beyond the minimum number of techniques. This mostly works in favour of the candidate, as he gets a chance to either show off some extra flash, or, if things are not going so well, redeem himself. Of course, running out of techniques to show is probably not a good thing. Heh.

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