About me

Hi, my name is Arne Sostack.

This is my blog about things that make me go Whee!

What is whee?

Have you ever felt that something was so wonderfully beautiful, so amazingly simple yet complex, so unfathomably cool that you were about to burst? Ever looked at something or even just had an idea that was so far out that it boggled the mind? At those times, you could say ‘Whee!’ – and with good right.

This site is devoted to the chase for those things that make you – and me – go whee!

I live in Silkeborg, Denmark with my wife and two kids. They’re an endless source of Whees!

I work as a software developer, and in my spare time, I do more code. Code makes me go Whee!

I do jiu jitsu, the Japanese self-defense art that uses locks, throws, punches, and kicks to disable an opponent. The dojo I train at is Silkeborg Jiu Jitsu Klub (Danish website). I’m a black belt (shodan), and throwing people and being thrown makes me go Whee!

Most recently, I’ve been playing a game called Where Are Your Keys over the internet with strangers – and learning Japanese – and Spanish! I want more! Whee!

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