Push ups, still working on it

Well, I’ve set myself a goal: weigh 80 kgs when it’s time for the belt test. To that end, I’m trying to eat less, and work out more. I’m now running in a 2-11-2-9-1 scheme, and it’s doing me good, I think. Also, on the push ups, I’ve done the 100, but not in very good form, so I’m continuing working my way through week 6 over and over until I can do 100 nice push ups. This morning, I did 172 in total (13+13+17+17+16+16+14+14+52), with 45 seconds break between each group. All in good form.

Jiu jitsu wise, I went through jigo waza again last Tuesday, not a lot of new stuff coming up there, which is good, I guess. I’ve been through nage waza with John, and ude gatame as well. ashi gatame and kyosho are areas I should work on now, I think. Oh, and check out the new web page for our jiu jitsu club, my design and text in Danish.

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