Dunderhill is a fantasy world I have been working on. It is based around the kingdom Dunderhill, which consists of 11 duchies that were once separate kingdoms.

The duchies:

  • Chantrahill
  • Eashill
  • Foresthill
  • Grellenhill
  • Hygenhill
  • Kingshill
  • Lockerhill
  • Onyshill
  • Quarrelhill
  • Sendorhill
  • Willowhill

Magic is available in the form of sint, a substance that flows through all things. Controlling the flow of sint through your body can give great power, but requires much focus and is rather dangerous. Sintaro monks (a concept imported from Esolan) are dedicated to controlling sint, and their monasteries serve as training grounds for all children who have the powers. Normal people only have a slight trickle of sint, which

Spirits inhabit everything and can affect nearby events. Example: a house spirit may thwart a burglary by letting floor boards creak, things fall off shelves more easily, or even let doors be stuck. Normally, a house spirit that is treated well would help keep the house in good condition.

Human is the only common race, separated into Dunderers (people of Dunderhill) and Esolaneans (gold-skinned people of Esolan, the empire to the east.) Half-breeds exist, with varying popularity.

Shape-changers are always human in their primary shape, and common animal in their secondary.

The undead are always corporeal (skeletons, zombies, ghouls, vampires, liches, etc.) Ghosts and the like are not considered undead, but wandering spirits do exist.

There are no dragons in Dunderhill, but they may exist in Esolan. Yet to be determined.

I’m considering implementing the e’wir (dwarves) into Dunderhill, but not sure.

Read more about Dunderhill on the wiki.

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