Programming WordBuilder

InkScape fun

Well, I’ve been working on making an InkScape effect extension to allow me to generate place names directly into the map using WordBuilder rules.

I can report some success, but also some woes. As of yesternight, I can select a textbox and run the effect, and a name appears, albeit not quite in the right place. I think I’m just putting the text in the wrong tag, so that should be easily fixable.

The interesting thing is that I can’t get InkScape to accept the output from my .net console application. I’m writing to stdout, and running it from the command prompt allows me to stream the output to a file, so I’m pretty sure it’s going the right way. I ended up using a python script that executes the .net application, reads the output (from what it considers stdout), and then outputs that on its own stdout. Why that works better, I’ve no idea.

Other than that, I’ve implemented the loop command:

loop <list of numeric tokens> {

Which will pick a number from the list and repeat the commands that number of times. Since it takes a token list, 4[5] 6 will make 5 loops four times as likely as 6.