WordBuilder grows a bit

Version 2.0.3 is up:


In this version:

  • Translator supports multiline texts.
  • Translator has a “Translate Back” function which will give you meanings for words in your language.
  • Generator supports referencing token sets.
tokens vowels a e i o u
tokens vowelsplus $vowels ë ï ö // a e i o u ë ï ö
  • Generator supports token sets removing tokens:
tokens vowels a e i o u
tokens vowelsminus $vowels ![a e] // i o u
  • Generator now has a check to make sure code doesn’t run amok – a maximum of 500 rules per word has been put in place.
  • Generally, you can press ctrl+a to select all text in the active area.
  • Cut/copy/paste works in all text boxes.
  • Dictionary has functionality to ‘Add another meaning’ when you right click a word.
  • Fixed apply, so it will not loop endlessly if you branch inside your apply.
  • Fixed parser, so it allows multiple spaces between tokens.
  • Added rules picker to the code editor. Generate words to update the list.
  • Added search (ctrl+f) to the code editor.
  • Improved syntax highlighting, though performance is still not good with scripts over 1700 lines – this seems to be a general problem with the control I’m using. Might have to switch it. *shudder*

Also, don’t miss the GREAT introduction written by CaesarVincens.

Finally, I have to mention that I’ve thrown the code up for public ridicule on GitHub.

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