jiu jitsu

Pushups, training, running, and more pushups!

Well, week 5 has passed, I’m supposedly only one week away from being able to do 100 pushups. I really don’t feel like that today, but I guess it’s not terribly disheartening yet.

Rune has been struggling with sleeping the last week or so, so I haven’t slept too well either. In spite of that, I managed to do one or two more than the minimum 40 on the last round of day 2 and 3. That’s 151 pushups this morning.

I also started running again, mostly because I had to pick up Rune on foot from the day carer, so I figured I’d combine it with a bit of running. Worked out fine with the knee and all.

Oh, and last week’s training was great – I have a new partner in John, and he has much of the same intensity when training as I have. We did a series of basic techniques and applied them in jigo waza (defense situations). Great fun. Looking forward to training tonight.

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