An explanation

Yeah, well…

Turns out my server has been hacked by some Italian, who used the opportunity to upload a phishing site to my mother’s web site. For an Italian bank. To those affected, I’m terribly sorry.

The site was up from a Sunday at 4pm until the day after at noon, where my ISP kindly responded to a complaint about the phishing site by pulling the plug on my internet connection.

I’m thoroughly disappointed with people.

Long story short, I’ve decided to no longer run my own online server. I’ve moved whee.dk to a webhotel at http://surftown.dk (If you’re shopping for hotel space and find surftown to your liking, drop me a note, as I have this kind of link that’ll give you a discount and me a bonus 😉 )

Other sites that I hosted will have to find their own new homes. I’ve offered help moving the ones I could think of, and at least the Wyrden comic is getting closer to having a new home over at http://hellionsart.com/ – I’ll post an actual link some time soon.

In the meantime, I’ve become webmaster for http://sccdk.com/ – I’ve built them a new site, and am actively handling content as provided by board members and others. It’s based on http://WordPress.org/, a blogging system I’ve come to like very much.

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