DrawPlus support is there

In between training and digging out the back entrance to my house (we’re renewing to celebrate the baby carriage leaving the building), I’ve managed to finish the export to DrawPlus native format.

As it turned out, a DrawPlus file is a zipped bunch of xml files, so most of it was pretty easy – the difficult part was that some nodes in the xml had to have unique ids across all files, as they can refer to each other across files. Yay!

I have no clue as to how big the user base is for DrawPlus, but they do have a free version, and the priced version is at £10, so not too bad. The free version seems quite impaired, but it is pretty easy to figure out, so I guess it may be an ok buy. Download and try it out at FreeSerifSoftware.

I’ll note that I am not affiliated with Serif or anyone else related to the software, and I make no money off of mentioning them here. I figured with my software having only two known users, I might as well write code that’d help them.

Now, it’s on to clean up the token frequency code I promised su_liam, and WordBuilder 1.2 will be out the door, I guess.

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