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Pushups, week 2 is over

Still on the program, this morning I did 15, 15, 12, 12, then 37 pushups, 2 minutes pause between each section. Now it’s time for another test, and I’m pretty hyped about it. Looks a lot like I’ll make it in 4 weeks.

On another note, I’ve started running. Even though I’ve always sworn that I couldn’t and wouldn’t run, I’ve been out three times over the last week, following a program kinda like the pushups one. I started in the middle of the entry level, which means walking 2 minutes, running 5, then walking 2, running 5 and finally walking one minute.

This has worked well, and I’ve increased the distance run (if ever so slightly) every time. I don’t get sore, I can actually get myself to do it, and it’s only 15 minutes plus a bit of stretching afterwards. Next week, I’ll go up to running 6 minutes, maybe just the first time, can’t remember. But overall, good stuff. I do believe it shows as well, though not so much on the scales yet. Probably when I go back to work, I’ll be back to more normal eating habits, and lose the couple of kilos I’ve gained.

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