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  • Artesian drinking song

    We’ll drink to all the cities
    We’ll drink to all the towns
    We’ll drink to all the pretties
    We’ll drink to all the clowns

    In Nepta I had brandy
    that nearly burned my throat
    The water came in handy
    for holding up my boat

    The Olantean whisky
    does any soldier good
    it makes the girls so frisky
    as any bev’rage could

    In Galliale I waited
    for hours for my wine
    My other needs I sated
    with waitresses so fine

    Much to my lamentation
    in Dezra I did drink
    Their dwelven fermentation
    has the cemetery stink

    In Granyauk I went beering
    and much to my delight
    the lasses I was fearing
    were staying home that night

    In Jimper and in Tweeple
    the booze is rather strong
    It helps the young and feeble
    keep going all night long

    In Firbos don’t go drinking
    what sad advice is this?
    What were the horsemen thinking?
    It tastes like horses’ piss

    The succubi of Demon Town
    invited me, it’s true
    But rather’n die by going down
    I’d go for Tharbad brew