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  • WordBuilder 1.0 released

    sep 4

    WordBuilder is the latest thing to make me go Whee! – It’s an application for building vocabularies, word lists, and other small tricks (I made a list of a town’s inhabitants with occupations and first and last names, for example)

    The WordBuilder main screen

    The WordBuilder main screen

    Fixes since 0.9:

    • Drop command now works, dropping from the end of the word.
    • Translate command now supports begin and end markers:
      Translate {
        # a a => a
        a a # => a

      Only removes double a’s at the beginning and end of the word.

    • The generate dialog now supports any number of starting rules.
    • The new Column directive allows you to show marks and branches as columns in the list view.
      Column Title1 Branch1
      Column Title2 !Mark1
      Column Title3 Branch1.!Mark2
    • The new Leave command takes tokens off the word until the requested number of tokens are left.
      Leave 2
    • WordBuilder now has an icon. Anyone want to make a better one?
    • The installer now asks where to install. Uninstall 0.9 before installing the new one.
    • New example project at http://whee.dk/wordbuilder/prach_eboch.wordo
    • Detail view now shows details for all selected words as preview of what you’ll copy with Copy details to clipboard.

    Download at http://whee.dk/wordbuilder/WordBuilder.msi – and please, please give me some feedback?

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