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    jan 16

    I just remembered a few more words that I’ve used.

    The benapak order is a nation-wide organisation of warriors and adventurers, training with a wide range of traditional weapons. I guess you could think of them as shaolin monks mixed with an adventurers’ guild.

    The tomal order is a group of healers, doctors and wise-folk, offering health services to those in need.

    I’ve yet to come up with a good explanation of the words, but the way I see it, they could be either irregular nouns (ending on anything but -n and -r), adjectives, or verbs in a continuing mode.

    Actually, ‘benapak’ could be ‘wandering’, so a continuing verb it is. Suffix could be -ak or just -k, not determined yet.

    ‘tomal’ could be ‘kind’, so an adjective.

    New letters are [b], [k], [m], [p].

    Here’s a table of the consonants and their placements:

    labial alveolar velar
    stop p, b t k
    frictative s
    approximant l, r
    nasal m n

    I had actually thought of making Esolanean a language without any frictatives, making it more of an either-or language; as in, either your mouth is open, or it’s closed. None of that in-between stuff. I do need [s], though. Hm.

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