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  • WordBuilder 1.3 released

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    Download here: http://whee.dk/wordbuilder/WordBuilder.msi

    New features:

    • Substring command: substring <start> <end>

    Where start is the first letter you want to keep, and end is the last letter you want to keep. Negative numbers count from the end of the token.

    So, with the token ‘abcdefg’:

    substring 2 -1 // bcdefg
    substring 1 2 // ab
    substring 1 -2 // abcdef
    substring -3 -1 // efg
    • About box
    • Inkscape extension to populate selected text objects with generated words – in the install dir, there’s a folder called InkScapeExtension. Copy the content of that folder to your InkScape/share/extensions, and look under Effects/Text.

2 Responses to “WordBuilder 1.3 released”

  1. su_liam said on

    Some very cool developments. Sorry I haven’t been too active. Middle-aged university student + stupid == not much free time 😀 !
    Wordbuilder has a lot of potential and you put a lot of work into it. This deserves a large and appreciative audience. I was rather expecting to see more posts by folks not you or me.

    Oh well. I’ll need to download 1.3 and have a look. Maybe I’ll have some more suggestions.


  2. Thank you!

    I kinda fell off the ‘net with work and a wonky arm, but I’m recuperating. Maybe I’ll put a bit more effort into WordBuilder, but I still haven’t had the guts to mention it on any Linguistics sites, so I’m not so surprised that it didn’t take off much.

    I do have some things in store already, but I can’t remember their state, so I’ll have to check up on that before I release 1.4.

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