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Wrong by design

  • jul 8

    Okay, I think it should be working now, so I’m hereby releasing WordBuilder v3.0.0

    Download at: http://whee.dk/wordbuilder/gtkwordbuilder-3.0.0.zip

    It’s a simple zip file with an exe and a dll. As with the previous GTK version, you’ll need GTK# installed. http://www.go-mono.com/mono-downloads/download.html

    To my knowledge, it runs equally well on .NET and Mono.

    The new things I’ve added are:

    – Syntax highlighting
    – Support for c-style brackets (so you can drop the { to a line of its own) and ; line enders
    – Support for python-style blocks (use two spaces or one tab for each level of indentation)

    In order to do this, I had to rewrite the parser, so it is now much more flexible and I think I’ll be able to add IntelliSense and contextual help and such to the UI in time.

    Now I think it’s time to do some clean up of the old code, but first, a commit to the GIT repo.