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Wrong by design

  • mar 23

    Ok, I’ve taken my first stab at a mono-compatible tool. Turns out I couldn’t get MonoDevelop to build my VB code for some reason… So now I’ve spent some time converting the most important bits of code to C#, and it looks like I’m able to compile and run under mono.

    What I have at the moment is a command line tool:

    monowordbuilder <file_name>[ -v][ -r <starting_rule> <amount>]*

    Which outputs a number of generated words, either just the root word or the larger output which contains marks and branches (using the -v argument).

    If you don’t enter any rules at the command line, it’ll use the defaults you’ve set up in the .wordo file using the StartingRule directive. If there are none, it’ll default to generating the ‘root’ rule 100 times.

    Oh, and I’ve no idea how to package it, so if anyone’s able to help out there, that’d be great. The source code is available at github.

  • mar 9

    Version 2.0.3 is up:


    In this version:

    • Translator supports multiline texts.
    • Translator has a “Translate Back” function which will give you meanings for words in your language.
    • Generator supports referencing token sets.
    tokens vowels a e i o u
    tokens vowelsplus $vowels ë ï ö // a e i o u ë ï ö
    • Generator supports token sets removing tokens:
    tokens vowels a e i o u
    tokens vowelsminus $vowels ![a e] // i o u
    • Generator now has a check to make sure code doesn’t run amok – a maximum of 500 rules per word has been put in place.
    • Generally, you can press ctrl+a to select all text in the active area.
    • Cut/copy/paste works in all text boxes.
    • Dictionary has functionality to ‘Add another meaning’ when you right click a word.
    • Fixed apply, so it will not loop endlessly if you branch inside your apply.
    • Fixed parser, so it allows multiple spaces between tokens.
    • Added rules picker to the code editor. Generate words to update the list.
    • Added search (ctrl+f) to the code editor.
    • Improved syntax highlighting, though performance is still not good with scripts over 1700 lines – this seems to be a general problem with the control I’m using. Might have to switch it. *shudder*

    Also, don’t miss the GREAT introduction written by CaesarVincens.

    Finally, I have to mention that I’ve thrown the code up for public ridicule on GitHub.