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  • 100 pushups

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    okt 30

    This morning, I did 100 pushups without setting my knees on the ground. I did “bridge” – bending at the hip to rest shoulders and abs – three times, at 80, 90 and 95. Well, I’m going to work on getting rid of those breaks, but I do feel that I’ve done enough to put this badge on here:

    As for the blue belt, I think I’m doing pretty well. Last night’s training got me leg locks (ashi gatame), pressure points (kyoshu), and striking techniques (ate waza) in place. Great! Working with John is good stuff. Now I just have to update the belt test description.

  • okt 26

    Well, I’ve set myself a goal: weigh 80 kgs when it’s time for the belt test. To that end, I’m trying to eat less, and work out more. I’m now running in a 2-11-2-9-1 scheme, and it’s doing me good, I think. Also, on the push ups, I’ve done the 100, but not in very good form, so I’m continuing working my way through week 6 over and over until I can do 100 nice push ups. This morning, I did 172 in total (13+13+17+17+16+16+14+14+52), with 45 seconds break between each group. All in good form.

    Jiu jitsu wise, I went through jigo waza again last Tuesday, not a lot of new stuff coming up there, which is good, I guess. I’ve been through nage waza with John, and ude gatame as well. ashi gatame and kyosho are areas I should work on now, I think. Oh, and check out the new web page for our jiu jitsu club, my design and text in Danish.

  • Belt work

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    Pushup status: last test said 90. another ten to go! yay! Also, running is going well, I’m now doing walk 2, run 8, walk 2, run 7, walk 1 minute. Not a problem.

    Last night we trained specifically towards graduation. We worked our way through almost all of jigo waza, and I’ve updated the page with all my techniques accordingly. Another session or two and I’ll have a full program. John, my uke in this endeavour, says for his brown belt test (1. kyu, ikkyu), he’ll probably be using the same program, so even after I’m done, it’s not a waste.

    The idea is that I’m filling more techniques into the program than I need, since kyoshi often lets candidates go on beyond the minimum number of techniques. This mostly works in favour of the candidate, as he gets a chance to either show off some extra flash, or, if things are not going so well, redeem himself. Of course, running out of techniques to show is probably not a good thing. Heh.