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  • A challenge!

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    jul 18

    Do one hundred consecutive push-ups. In 6 weeks. Here!

    I’m taking this challenge. Did the initial test, and put myself in rank 4 with a whooping 34 full push-ups, which I consider pretty good.

    I’ll continue doing sit-ups and back-arches every morning, but will be following the program for push-ups. Will be interesting to see what that means for me. If it’s good, I guess I’ll be doing the same for sit-ups.

  • jul 10

    Over the summer period, the club is somewhat closed down – no regular trainings, but we have one planned for next Tuesday. Instead, I’ve decided to do some physical work out, something I could definately use anyhow.

    Started yesterday, intending to do sit-ups, back-lifts, push-ups every morning. The count this morning was 50, 40 and 30 respectively, so I guess I’m not so badly out of shape as I could’ve been.

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  • jul 10

    AutoRealm is a nifty piece of software I stumbled upon in my search for a tool to make maps of Dunderhill.

    It’s free (GNU), open source (written in Delphi, though), and pretty cool.

    Below is my first map of Dunderhill made in AutoRealm.

  • jul 9

    Well, it’s been out a couple of weeks or so, and I recently ordered this:

    D&D 4th edition core books

    Expected arrival is August 4, just before my last week of vacation kicks in. I want to RP again… sigh.

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  • jul 9

    I’ve taken up a childhood sport of mine, jiu jitsu. Actually, come this fall, I’ve been doing it for two years since my ten year hiatus. And so, it’s about time I start working on my graduation. The trainers at my club allowed me to keep my grade from ten years ago, so I started as a green belt, and the next one up is nikyu (second grade student), the blue belt.

    Over the last two years, I’ve picked up all the old techniques and learnt a lot of new material – some parts of the curriculum is very different from the one I used to train, but that’s just great. One of the things that are different is that students put together their own curriculum – I get to pick from a large set of techniques and decides which ones to apply in which situations during the test. For listing the techniques I’ve chosen, I’ve created a page here, which I’ll expand as I go along my training.

    My main plan is to train once a week for two months, give or take, and then take the test. For nikyu, this should be quite doable.

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